We’ll help you grow

We think you’re worth investing in. It doesn’t matter which business unit you join within Yellow, we help all our employees grow and develop.

As we’re a sales based organisation we have some great training options available to help you hone those negotiation skills. You’ll also get the chance to build your leadership skills, and we offer you ongoing support and opportunities for every member of our team.

The Sales Academy

It’s one of our goals to give you access to some of the best sales training, not just in New Zealand, but in the world. The Sales Academy will give you skills and knowledge you can carry throughout your career. Your support starts from your first day here and isn’t dependent on how many years of experience you’ve had. It’s more about what each person is capable of.

Ongoing Sales Coaching

Regularly revisiting what you’ve learned can help you remember it. That’s why we have four specialist coaches to focus on the ongoing training and development of our sales managers and teams. The important thing is, you’ll always have guidance and support whenever you need it.

Leadership Development

Everyone in a leadership role, and everyone with leadership potential, can take part in this programme. It helps you to develop on two different levels. You’ll grow your technical ‘business skills’, but Leadership Development also improves your self-awareness, so you can learn more about how you influence the people around you.