Why Yellow

We’re lucky to have a fantastic team spanning 10 regions across New Zealand. 

We’re welcoming, inclusive and a little bit cheeky

We all roll our sleeves up and get involved when we need to, and know how to balance hard work with fun and flexible hours. There’s no need to put on a separate ‘work’ persona here. In fact, we’re interested in all aspects of you, both at work and elsewhere, and we encourage you to be yourself and share your story.

We understand that great ideas are not the result of individual thinking, but the outcome of collaboration. We’re a diverse group of people and everyone brings their own unique perspective and approach to the mix. We can be unstoppable together, because we trust each other to do what we need to do.

Get challenged!

You won’t be short of a challenge here as things change quickly around here. We encourage you to get involved in things you’re interested in and to choose a mindset of curiosity, continuous improvement and personal growth.